How our Product will Fit Your Clinic?

Appointment Maintenance

View and schedule your deadlines with our Jithya Appointment Calendar. It's easy to see who's due when, to browse appointments in different date ranges, and to create new appointments in your desired timeline.

SMS / Email Reminder For Patients

With timely notification reminders sent to your patients, you can focus on running the clinic more effectively.

Consolidated SMS for Doctors

Doctor can now have a consolidate of all the appointments of day in one single SMS. So now doctors can manage their day effectively.

Birthday Reminders For Patients

Personal approach to patient relations is a key to long-standing customer loyalty. Our Birthday Reminders will help you to maintain your patients long Standing Loyalty.

Periodic Checkup Reminders for Patient

Periodic checkup is a must for all your patients. Jithya will help you to remind your patients about their periodic checkup.

Patient Profile

Now you can view the Entire Patient profile at one single glance. You can now trigger your birthday and periodic reminders right from the profile page.

Clinical Notes Made easy

Adding and Maintaining Clinical notes is made easy and simple as never before.

Treatment Plans

You can Generate New Treatment plan or viewing existing ones, all in a few clicks. Our Treatment Plan also doubles up as an estimate.

Case Sheets of Patients

A conslidated view of all the treatment performed to the patient. With an easy and simple option to print all the performed treatments.

Printed Prescriptions

Now no need to write your prescription. Now You can prescribe prescription and directly print it on your letter pad. Printed prescription are more legible and gives a professional look.

Easy to Maintain Accounts

Maintain your patient accounts at ease. No more doubts about how much the patient has paid for. With a simple invoicing system we have made accounting easy.

Case Photos and Files

Store all your Case Photos, Files and Before & After pictures. It is simple to access them later.

Performance Reports of the Clinic

Track your clinic performace report with the help of our charts and reports.

Advance Reminder to Patient

If there is a trouble connecting with your patients, you could remind them with the advanced reminder option about the treatments to be taken, so handling appointments could be made simple..

Bulk Appointments

This is the signature feature of Jithya. You can make bulk appointment for your patients with similar medical histories.

Feedback from Patient

We know you would love to hear from your patients regarding their experience; you can utilize our feedback option we offer you.

Inventory for clinic

Manage all the clinical details regarding equipments to stock. One step process to check the particulars.

Patient Labeling

Group your patients under the requisite list according to their treatments. It is more like organizing the files manually, safe and secure.

Have multiple accounts

This takes away the trouble of all the doctors who got to deal with multiple clinics. Save and retrieve the records of more than one clinic in the same account.

Patient's Right of Access

You can allow your patients to view and print their medical records.

Over 100+ Others Features