I have been using JITHYA Software for the last 2 years, it is very user friendly, our patients are very happy and comfortable with the way we send them daily appointment reminders, birthday wishes and 6 months routine checkup reminders. It has enhanced our practice a lot...

Dr. Chandragupta

Dr. Gupta's Dental Speciality Clinic

Jithya has been helping us for the past 2 years in maintaining my patient records and appointment. It is very simple and all my receptionist can easily work with it

Dr. Narasimhan Bharadwaj, MDS

Access Root Canal Center

We have been using Jithya patient management software for some years and it is very user friendly to store patient data, print prescription, schedule appointments. Updated Jithya version's interface is quick and easy accessible. Occasional complaint of message not being delivered etc is been attended immediately online itself. Technical Support is very good and satisfactory.

Dr.Daya Raveendran

Sara dental Care

Jithya has transformed my clinic appointments. I can now see all the appointment through the jithya android application. It is very user friendly and I would definitely recommend jithya to my friends and fellow colleagues

Dr. Hemamalathi

Smile and Glow

Jithya has been an important part of my practice for the last 2 years and has improved my practice a lot. It has helped greatly in reminding my patients about the appointments. My patients like this system very much. Also, Jithya helps me maintain the patients' dental records efficiently.

Dr. G.Natarajan, MDS

Shree Saikrupa Dental Care & Root Canal Centre

I have been using Jithya since 3-4yrs, simple & effective in all terms for my front desk & patient mangement. It has become routine for all my team. I would recommend all doctors to go for it. All the best Harvee team!

Dr. Bhavya

All smiles centre dental & medical

A very happy user of Jithya, it has simplified my practice management and has made my work look very simple. My patients are also very happy with the appointment reminders. I would definitely recommend people to use this cost effective, user friendly and valuable tool in their practice.

A very supportive back-end team always ready to help you

Dr. Sanghamitra


The Jithya Team helped me and my collegues in learning the software and helping me speed up my clinical practice. It has bridged me and my patients with their best features like instant prescription printouts, sms reminders, etc.

Dr. Niranjan, MDS

South Side Dental

Jithya dental software using since one year it is very useful for dental practice because it has many features like schedule patients appointment,you can give printed prescription,maintaining of accounts and quickly search old patients data etc.

It is very much useful for dental practioners

Dr. Ramamurthy

Wisdom Dental Clinic

After juggling my hands with too many online softwares, i found myself very comfortable with Jithya.com. Thanks to the team.

Dr. Nirmal.L, MDS

Signature Smilez

Jithya has trully made online softwares affordable to single chair practitioners. Thanks to Jithya.com

Dr. K. Roopchander, MDS

K R Dental Care

Jithya is an all in one patient management system. I made my practice paper free with Jithya, except for consent signatures from the patients. This is just not to fix patient appointments. A lot of back end job is made easy with this. Analysis and accounting had made my practice more relaxing. Menu is simple and settings can be customized to every patient with ease. What more do we need. I strongly recommend Jithya to my colleagues

Dr. Sharvanthi

Expert Dental Care

Jithya is so flexible that it works very smooth in my tablet too, letting me use it wherever and whenever i want. It actually slashed my initial investment in buying a PC or a Laptop. Happy with Jithya.com

Dr. Ramasubramanian

Xpressions Smile Care

I'm happy with Jithya.com because they did not give me any false promises and stood by their commitments in providing a smooth working software.

Dr. Ramesh Dobley, MDS

Ramesh Dental Clinic

We needed a clinical management software that we could access it from any place. We selected Jithya as it was a cloud-based solution as compared to other patient management softwares available in the market. Apart from being cloud based, it gave us the option to make our practice more paper-less. It covered every aspect from scheduling appointments to managing accounts. It made our work more easier and simplier. The tech support team is easily approachable and available to our help always. Its a wonderful experience being associated with Jithya team.

Dr. Faizia Anser, BDS

Savera Dentacare

I have been using Jithya software for more than three months now. The best thing I like about this software is it is extremely user friendly. Even the moderately educated nonclinical staff of my clinic are easily able to use it.The android application of the software is awesome. It helps to generate, modify and change appointments on the go through your phone.The company is always trying to evolve and bring out something new. Special mention of Mr Harish who is very patient in explaining things and is always available to help.After trying many other softwares, I am glad I waited for something so good.I wish the company all the very best and I'm sure it has a great future in Indian market

Dr. Kaushal

Thirty 2 Dental Centers